Thanks for joining me. Its been a long, strange, and sad journey. But fear not my fellow targeted and non-targeted citizens of earth, our journey is just beginning fore we never, ever die–we are energy beings, something the PTB do not want you to know, nor do they want you to know you are more powerful than you know.
Chris aka LissaHumaneLife
Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Peace to all, good will towards all of humanity. — Lissa Chris

2017-07-02 via Google Map in Kansas
2nd Sun coming or ISATUM found by me July 2nd, 2017 via Google Map… it is facing East in Kansas. This is one of many parts of the Planetary X Nibiru IMMARU system.

It is the last, of the very last days. We are in end-times. It is the time of the planetary crossing of a system known as Planet X, Nibiru. It has returned once again after a three-thousand, six-hundred, and fifty years or so orbit from the outer reaches of space. It consist of seven planets, various moons, accompanied with space-debris such as asteroids and massive-sized debris fields. I will document personal and a variant of other’s photos and videos, as well as the latest news, that connect to the events that are to come–that you deserve to know, as I have since 2011.

Comments are welcomed. — Chris (Lissa)

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