#PlanetX #NIBIRU / #IMMARU system: an Understanding of our Skies by Sam Hofman by Sam Hofman

Sam Hofman worked for the US Government over thirty years ago. In recent years, when Sam’s contact expired, he started Montana Sky Watchers on Facebook, and created various youtube videos explaining exactly what’s going on in our skies. If you’re concerned about what is happening, sky-wise, you’ll do good to watch Sam.

This is the IMMARU system, known to Egyptians. Later, it became known as the Nibiru systen, and in current times the PlanetX system. Its also been called the Planet of the Crossing, the Frightener and many more names.

IMMARU STAR SYSTEM [the brown dwarf system second sun NEMESIS]. The Planet X system consist of seven planets, and various moons of all sizes, and sadly space debris.

You need to prepare.

In order:

The massive-sized red planet is IMMARU, also known as Hercolubus or Red Gas object) and is the actual Brown Drawf Star. Its also called ALARAPH is the (red gas giant)

1st – ISATUM is VERY VERY SMALL orange [reddish white/burnt-brown-orange]. Much smaller than SURRU/URRI; smaller than ATU & NAPISTI (Tiny compared to SARRU)

2nd – SARRU as (Neptune-like GREENISH-BLUE in color waist deep waters, 5xs bigger than EARTH; with PURPLE Blue Pink hues/HUGE purple. As BIG as NIBIRU… HUGE x2 1000. Half moon might belong to this planet OR…………

3rd – NAPISTI is medium sized a greenish-with active volcanoes, several MOONS [burnt-yellow burnt-orange/brown-yellow-green. (noticable bottom pole ring w/dot lights) with ION DOUBLE TAIL].

4th – URRI is BIGGER THAN ATU even, burnt-orange Brown or (purple-yellow w.tad blue); STRIPED GAS GIANT.

5th – MATIM is a very TINY, muddy-white grey/white planet (Jupiter like moon in color).

6th – NIBIRU, HUGE massively HUGE big BLUE PLANET, 7xs the size of earth, water type, similar to earth. Has 2 binary moons… AMELSERRIC (small dark grey/white) orbits NANNA (White w/blue/pink/yellow undertones.
NANNA is also similar to earth as it rotates around NIBIRU with NANNA’s moon AMELSERRU…. that orbits NANNA might be HALF PLANET, as a small whitish-oceanic-blue and red planet or star or moon.

7th – ATU REALLY BIG as DARK PURPLE-PURPLE-PURPLE with large dark STRIPES and green yellow undertones.

Listen to Sam Hofman explain in simple terms

what exactly we’re seeing in the skies:


#EarthChanges #Mexico Tall Bldgs Swayed Hundreds Evacuated: #LissaHumaneLife Reporting on #Endtimes #News

On Monday a large earthquake hit the central Philippines.  The following comes from the Express… per End of the American Dream

A 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit the central Philippines on Monday, sparking evacuations from offices in Manila. Frightening footage shows skyscrapers swaying back and forth as debris falls nearby. The video was posted on Twitter captioned: “Buildings swaying in Manila after a 6.3 earthquake strikes in the Philippines.” The earthquake struck 60km northwest of Manila, at a depth of 40km.

The Governor of Pampanga province told a radio station that several people had been killed. Media reported some structures had collapsed and the Clark International Airport, a former U.S. military base, had suffered some damage and had closed.

Mass evacuations were ordered, but fortunately they were not actually needed.

And even though large buildings were swaying back and forth, there are no reports of any actually falling.

Earthquakes Shake/Sway buildings in Mexico

An earthquake in southern Mexico caused tall buildings to sway in the Mexican capital Monday, prompting hundreds of office workers to evacuate along a central avenue temporarily. There were no initial reports of damage or injury.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake had a preliminary magnitude of 5.4 and its epicenter was in southern Mexico near the border between Chiapas and Guerrero states. It struck at a depth of about 11 miles (18 kilometers).

In Alaska over the weekend … four substantial earthquakes in Alaska, and the largest of the four was a magnitude 5.1 quake…

At 10:31 p.m. Saturday, a magnitude 5.1 earthquake hit the Andreanof Islands region of Alaska, which is about 11,200 miles west of Anchorage. This earthquake had a depth of about 8 miles (13 kilometers).


Also, from End of the American Dream


The mainstream media is not talking much about it, but the truth is that our planet is becoming increasingly unstable.  At this point seismic events are happening in such rapid fire fashion that it is really difficult to keep up with them all.

alarming rise in volcanic activity along the Ring of Fire as well.  And over the weekend there was one more major event that we can now add to the list

A new eruption took place at Indonesian Mount Agung, Bali at 19:20 UTC on April 20, 2019 (03:20 local time, April 21). The eruption produced a column of ash up to 5.4 km (18 000 feet) above sea level.

Ashfall hit parts of Bali, including Klungkung, Bangli, Denpasar, Badung and Tabanan, local media reported.

The Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation maintains Alert Level at 3 of 4 and prevents access to danger zone established 4 km (2.5 miles) around the crater.