Spiro: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson — VACCINES SURVEILLANCE NANOBOTS NEURAL CONNECTED Artificial Intelligence will kill us: Jay Tuck

RESIST — this is PURE EVIL. Walk in your spirit. If you go with this, your brain will be hooked up to HAARP cloud computing and that’s the A.I. Artificial Intelligence run by the Pentagon’s DARPA meta genome program, and Palantir. Its the noise heard from the sky.

You need to listen to me please. Share my comments from here. Read h ow I went up against them regarding my husband’s horrific death on a military industrial site and I had OSHA behind me 100%. They sent my husband to his death. We are dealing with HORROR like you’ve never imagined. Their AI Artificial intelligence is riding in the sky with HAARP, cloud computing via PALANTIR a CIA funded company. These people are cold blooded murderers; they brought back the Stasis Nasism gangstalking with the AI. I am attacked with this as are many over my freedom to expose the horrific things they did to me. I don’t talk about it much but here goes:

I was abducted at 6 weeks old taken to a military base outside D.C> My grandparents ordered my return and a Sgt did the next day. What did they want with me. My DNA and to torture experiment on me. Most do not live to see their 30th birthday. They conduct horrific NAZI medical and scientific torturous experiments on babies, children, any age including the elderly whom they use for WEAPONS testing, and BIOLOGICAL WARFARE testing from Ft. DETRICK MD and Plus ISLAND. By the time I was in my teens, my grandparents would be murdered horrid accidents, no accidents — all covered-up and that was the give away; they released a secret weapon. Something you can not see. Its the Artificial Intelligence released into the public over 50+ years ago. This is why they put up 5G which is actually 8G (citing Anthony Patch https://anthonypatch.com/) in their own papers – their words. The AI takes people over, mimics good and bad, plays God, Satan lucifer the demiurge, demons (yes) holograms and puts things into your mind — you’ll think you’re having an actual spiritual or demonic experiences; NASA created (for the AI to use on you & your family — they do not care); they blew my husband i half, left him for dead, kept him alive at Shock Truama in Maryland, outside DC. The NAZIS were brought here by KHAZARIAN ZIONIST ROTHSCHILD ROCKEFELLER’s MORGAN’s part of the Black so called Nobility Lines (Queen, etc) and they are wicked, and will do anything for money and power. They knew, w/court documents signed by a judge (THE US GOVERNMENT coupe d’tat when they killed JFK, its was Project Paperclip CIA DOD NAZIs who became the secret shadowy government (Not a deep state); They are no good. They experiment on anyone taking them off the streets like they did me as a baby; The CIA and NSA NASA DOD (military industrial complex Eisenhower warned of) Rather than face me in court, and they print the money and are billion and trillionaires (Bush Sr, a Bower Rothschild NAZI SPY).

After they killed him I prepared to face them off in court, I was psyop-ed outside my home, and a local HDS cop came after me, paid others to kill me and they tried w/a shot gun but failed. Good officers we’re behind me, lots of them in Baltimore City, MD. He came out of Dundalk, Baltimore Co., MD whereas I learned he was working for Bethlehem Steel, where my husband died. All tied into together as the new world order determined to survive the coming catastrophes. They chased me down motorcycles helicopters planes suv’s all military and I followed some — back to local military bases and HDS sites.. good cops came telling me its not all of them. Shot me thru the heart with a CIA laser gun surrounding me with vehicles as if they we’re at war with me. It was horrendous I was run off the road in Georgia 122 miles outside Florida and when I got to that house I was surrounded asap; next thing I knew I was being shot at from the sky while planes helicopters vehicles suvs motorcyles we’re chasing me down w/so called men looking at me with looks of ENRAGEMENT towards me. — as I flet for my life inside my new home feeling as if HELL dropped down on me, I was shot into the ear with an unknown gook; held down with I think drones lasers I could not move, they shot it down throughout my body — it was a slime a gook with robots NANOBOTS under the skin.

I crawled the floors for months; it was HORRENDOUS. I vowed as I climbed up to survive these evil bastards and yes women who are less then slime, all scum of the earth, the fallen ones, that I would warn others regardless and yes I am targeted with weapons electromagnetic microwave frequencies DWAVE super computers satellites and cellphones and cell towers and food and water on and on and on. They are AUTHORITARIAN taking over the world. They DO NOT HAVE your best welfare in mind. they want to ENSLAVE YOU think GEORGE GUIDE-STONES. RESIST all that you can. Once you take that vaccines (they shot it into my spine w/out my permission and laughed evilly) I would learn that ALL OF THEM even MILITARY are under control of their AI MASSIVE SIZED SUPER COMPUTERS.

Revelation 13:7, “And it was GIVEN to him to make war with the saints, (Now, remember THESE “saints” have been prophesied, unlike the Body of Christ members who were NOT prophesied and NOT here, so we can see the prophecy from Daniel 7:21; 8:12, 8:24; 11:31; and then again in Revelation 11:7), and overcome them: and there was given unto him authority over every tribe, and people, and tongue, and nation.” War in Heaven, Part 7c: War with The Saints, Revelation 13:7 – Pastor David | Lion and Lamb Ministry https://lionandlamb.wordpress.com/2015/03/09/war-in-heaven-part-7c-war-with-the-saints-revelation-137-pastor-david/

The fallen ones they fell.. they became lost in their own technology prior to the last cataclysm (Atlantis, 9500 years BC) for their

They shot it into me for the vengeance against me. I was here from the beginning of time. We we’re both male and female. They have a sick lust of money — they are gruesomely greedy, now. They’ll never ever be of God when they altered man/womankind’s genetics (We made man in our image) plural. They made sure to place the real God in the beginning of the Bible but slipped that part in. . They are infected.

DO NOT LET THEM INFECT YOU WITH THOSE VACCINES. Listen to Dr. Mikovitswho worked under FAUNCI. Please.

See insider turned whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan – URL: thoughtlessness23.blogspot.com/ and https://projectsoulcatcher.blogspot.co.uk/.

When they shot that needle into my spine they shot nanotech into me. I had to fight for my very soul, my spirit. You will be placed into a super computer HELL. No control of your body your mind. Its HELL. The pharmaceutical and CDC are CIA NAZI run for the Rothschilds, ZIONISTS (not Jews). You will be lost forever. Don’t do it. I have no choice but to warn after what DARPA did to me.

Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: A New COVID Vaccine Could Kill 50 Million People in the U.S. https://vaccineimpact.com/2020/dr-judy-mikovits-and-dr-sherri-tenpenny-a-new-covid-vaccine-could-kill-50-million-people-in-the-u-s/;

COVID Cover Up w/ Dr. Judy Mikovits: The BioSecurity State Illusion That Led To Your “New Normal”: The Last American Vagabond | Lissa’s Humane Life https://lissahumanelife.wordpress.com/2020/12/02/covid-cover-up-w-dr-judy-mikovits-the-biosecurity-state-illusion-that-led-to-your-new-normal-the-last-american-vagabond/

Video: Dr. Judy Mikovits and the Real Plague Infecting Humanity – Global Research Centre for Research on Globalization https://www.globalresearch.ca/dr-judy-mikovits-real-plague-infecting-humanity/5720582.


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