The most Vicious Effective Tools & Weapons for Covert Harassment & Political Control of Dissidents, Activists, Whistleblowers, Litigants, Agitators, & other so-called “Undesirables” the World has Seen: Sound like a Totalitarian NAZI Regime?

Introduction: This Presentation was submitted to the Senate Hearing by Dr. Daniel Lebowitz, on Tuesday December 9, 2014 entitled “The State of Civil and Human Rights in the United States.”

This is going on right now and has been, since WWII. At the build-up and after 911, the numbers skyrocketed for US citizens under hard, heavy, harsh, violent attack from what many of us would learn was the CIA and Dept. of Defense, and that includes the NSA and DARPA, as well as Lockheed Martin (owner of 48 Fusion centers) and Raytheon, and other companies in the US and abroad.

Rockefeller and FAUCI and all their associates have made thirty-plus years of lab-rating Americans. This includes Gates and many more.

The one thing they have in common, as well as BAE and others is the knowledge that SKYNET or SKYBORG, run by Palantir with 30,000 drones, was approved by Congress, passed through at 68 billion dollars overhead (many w/biological payloads) run by massive -sized super-computers (that you and I paid for, and our families) are destroying/attacking whistleblowers, litigants and dissidents, DNA, and random victims, out. Their weapons of choice read like an unachievable fiction novel.

Regrettably, these weapons are real. I’d know. The NSA and DARPA came after me at my home with a HDS bastard two weeks prior to a lawsuit’s settlement conference that had everything to do with my late husband, and how he was murdered at Bethlehem Steel, and have since learned I went up against the number one law firm in the country straight out of Washington D.C., Whiting, Taylor and Preston… spending four years held up in a fake bankruptcy out of Wall Street, owned by the military industrial complex. The head shock trauma MD kept him alive on a 1% chance of life for almost 5 days making over a million dollars on my late husband and that was in 2005. I don’t know how much he’s made since because they came after me with signal weapons, biologicals and space based weapons.

Thank God for whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan, a former CIA DOD Scientist who explains in this video: Posted by victim & 30 year Emeritus Professor, also targeted by the same, explains:

Don’t take the vaccine. These are NAZIs, no peace loving nation could or would ever want to match (Eisenhower, after Project Paperclip and the bringing in of 1800+ NAZI hardened criminals). Those that brought them in we’re either traitors to every American or Federal Reserve Rothschild banking agents. When JFK learned what they plan was, to enslave every man, woman and child, he stated he was going to expose their diabolical plans, passing a bill that would had rid the United States of their monstrous plans.

It never happened. They assassinated him and the witnesses, just like on 911.

Please share this far and wide. Print it out. Show it to friends and family. They’re going to use this weapon system on everyone to ‘silence dissent’ — as crowd control weapons.

I am attacked by the same signature as the NAZIs — brutal, and barbaric weapons from the sky. I know. They’ve approached me making comments about my heritage and how I had lousy genes. I walked out, but still remember his face. They strangely carry the same genetic signature.


Dr Daniel Lebowitz, M.D. Presentation submitted to a Senate Hearing, December 2014. This is an excellent introduction about Targeted Individuals.

Richard Lighthouse: former NASA Engineer — For additional details on the Deep State and Shadow Government, I refer readers to the recent information of CIA Whistleblower, Kevin Shipp.

Shadow Government Exposed: CIA Domestic Network

CIA Whistleblower, Kevin Shipp

Just the tip of the iceberg:

Peeling back more layers of the CIA’s unconstitutional control over American citizens.


Updates: Who’s traitors of humanity, surveilling thousands if not millions of Americans?

Driving Speed to Fleet | CACI for the CIA

Leidos Holdings, SAIC, Booz Allen Hamilton, CACI, and Lockheed Martin for the CIA, NSA, NGA and NRO… the CACI is behind all the spying surveillance for the CIA


This shows the many horrific activities of the CIA and how they control all of the other intelligence services. They control many members of Congress by paying large bribes when they vote the way the CIA instructs. Mr Shipp stated the Big 5 intelligence contractors are:

  1. Leidos Holdings – See – they were robbed of almost a trillion dollars of their idea of social sites like Facebook and Twitter and Leidos named Corporate Warlord Corruption – American Intelligence Media —
  2. CSRA
  3. CACI
  4. SAIC
  5. Booz Allen Hamilton

See here for more of these horrendous weapons — Microwave Mind Control Symptoms & Published Evidence